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7 Mask Accessories We Love

maskSAFE is a stylish accessory that helps protect everyone

maskSAFE is the perfect mask accessory

As masks become increasingly normalized, more and more people are finding ways to improve upon the basics. Some innovations and accessories increase the function or solve a wearability problem, and others add a much-needed dose of style to this new essential item of our wardrobes. Mask wearing is just like when the first humans found shelter - at first a cave worked just fine, but now we have these.

What’s next for PPE? Go to the next level with these seven mask accessories 

Off the Chain

Okay, so maybe these gorgeous chains aren’t actually designed to be worn with a mask, but we promise to keep that secret safe. These chains come with easy-to-use clips – normally used to attach to a pair of glasses, but easily adapted to a mask. A mask chain is a great solution for people who have to frequently remove and replace their masks.

This first chain is a hand-crafted piece from éliou, a company that “fuses the traditional with the contemporary by carefully balancing the spirit of playfulness with modern design.” With bright colors and a thin gauge, this chain gives a flash of high fashion without calling too much attention to itself.


But maybe you want some attention! If that’s the case, we love these chunky chains from Eyewear Love Affair. These pieces and their “boho chic vibes,” available in five different neutral colors, truly make a statement.

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Tighten Up

Coco Chanel famously said that “Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance,” and by that standard, we couldn’t ask for a more elegant face mask accessory than this set of mask beads. Slide your ear loops through the holes, either by hand or with a needle and thread, and you can adjust your mask’s loop length. This ensures a snug fit any time. After all, mask safety is more than just putting the thing on and calling it a day. You have to wear it correctly. A droopy mask that lets droplets in and out around the top, bottom, and sides, is not doing its job. It’s time to tighten up!

 mask beads

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A Bridge Too Far

There’s more than one way to make a mask fit snugly, a key step in giving yourself the maximum amount of protection from the coronavirus. Those handy blue surgical masks come with an adjustable wire built in, so that a mask can be formed to your nose, but most cloth masks leave a gap between your bridge and the rest of your face.

You can fix that problem fast with adhesive nose bridge strips. There are a variety of options available, and we like this inexpensive 50 pack available on Amazon prime.

Nose bridges

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The Fog Has Lifted 

Even with an adjustable nose bridge on your mask, some people wearing glasses will still struggle with foggy lenses. Unless you take part in sports that need goggles, you might not know that there’s a solution to clear up this pesky problem: defogging spray.

Fog Gone by Optix 55 clears up lenses instantly and is good for all non-AR coated lenses.

 De-Fogging Spray

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Are Your Ears Burning?

Masks might be normalizing, but that doesn’t change the fact they can also be really annoying, particularly when a tight loop has been tugging at your ears all day.

These mask extenders come in a pack of six, two each of three unobtrusive colors. The extender moves the position of the loops from your ears down to the neck, and all of the pressure is on the silicone hooks, instead of on your body. It’s a great accessory for teachers, nurses, our amazing frontline workers, and anyone else who wears a mask for long stretches of the day.

Silicone mask extenders

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Save the Best For Last

So, we’ve pointed out accessories that have touches of style, things that help you keep track of your mask, and accessories that help improve your safety. Our final entry does all of those things at once – the maskSAFE!

ALEX maskSAFE accessory

Our mask case is an essential tool for protecting your PPE from damage and cross-contamination. Don't put that mask in a dirty purse or pocket, put it somewhere safe! Our face mask case makes your face covering easy to keep track of - and it's just as useful for the fashion-forward adult heading out to lunch as it is for a kid headed to school. Get maskSAFE now, and make sure you have all the mask accessories you need!

- the maskSAFE Family

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