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Best coronavirus mask material

The Best Mask Materials for 2021

The coronavirus and the world’s response continue to evolve, so we thought it would be a great time to re-visit the question: what is the best face mask material?
COVID impacts mothers

How Are Moms Handling the Pandemic?

In honor of the maskSAFE founders, two bold "Mom-trepreneurs," let’s take a look at how moms are handling COVID-19.

COVID Can't Stop Fashion

Fashion in the Time of COVID

Global fashion companies have experienced a 90% reduction in profits, compared to 2019, but even during a pandemic we believe fashion still deserves at least a little attention!

COVID Testing Facts

10 Things to Know About COVID Testing

There’s a whole group of Americans who still haven’t had a COVID test, and the unknown can be scary.
Tips for Parents Working at Home

Tips for Parents Working at Home

If you have kids at home, being productive in your living space can be particularly challenging, so we have five tips for parents working from home.

6 Steps to Break the Cross-Contamination Cycle

6 Steps to Break the Cross-Contamination Cycle

Cross-contamination is a threat every time we touch a door knob or hand over a credit card.
coronavirus mask safety and hygiene

How to Clean Your Mask

10% of Americans don’t wash their face masks at all, and many more don't wash them frequently. When you re-use a face mask without washing it, you increase the risk of coming into contact with virus particles the mask was working to block.
mask comfort is one issue with mask safety

Make Your Mask More Comfortable

If you’re wearing a mask for an extended period of time, then discomfort can escalate to irritation, bruising, rawness, and acne. This is a result of the mask's friction and accumulated moisture.

Build a snowman for fun during a pandemic

8 Ideas for Winter Family Fun

How do you fill the hours when you’re suddenly spending lots more time indoors with young kids? With a little ingenuity and a lot of love you can be fulfilled and stimulated.
Frontline heroes wear PPE

Science Proves: Masks Protect You

After months of observing and studying the virus, the Centers for Disease Control continue to recommend universal mask-wearing for everyone that can do so safely. This is essential to stopping the spread.
Environmental concerns of mask safety

The Environmental Impact of Face Masks

Over 130 billion face masks are being used every month, and almost all of those masks contain plastic. We are on the verge of an environmental crisis that needs immediate attention.
Is Your Workplace COVID-Safe?

Is Your Workplace COVID-Safe?

In the time of the coronavirus, it is trickier than ever before for employees and employers to meet safety standards. We have a few areas you should be looking at to determine – “Is my workplace COVID-safe?”

maskne is an important mask safety issue

What Is Maskne?

Maskne sounds like a made-up word, but we can confirm that it’s very real. Doctors and nurses have had to deal with maskne for a long time. But now that mask-wearing has become commonplace, more and more of us have to struggle with this irritating situation.

The Safest Way to Thanksgiving

The Safest Way to Thanksgiving

The best way to slow the spread of the coronavirus to limit your contacts with people outside of your home. Still, many families will decide to expand their circles for a holiday celebration. So, let’s look at the ways to make holiday gatherings a little safer.

face mask safety is fun

7 Essential Tips for Mask Safety

Confirmed coronavirus cases are rising in many parts of the world, so it’s a perfect time to review these seven crucial tips for mask safety. It starts with wearing a mask in public and keeping that mask in great condition. Read on for more ways to show you care!

Get safe face mask materials and a maskSAFE

Which Face Mask Material Works Best?

It doesn’t matter how well you protect that mask if the mask material isn't providing a barrier between you and contaminating droplets. You and your family could still be at risk. So, let’s look at what the research says about which mask materials are most effective.

maskSAFE Interviews Co-Founder Kali Curran

maskSAFE Interviews Co-Founder Kali Curran

"I have a lot of passion for this project and I’m proud to have been part of a team that turned maskSAFE from a concept to a much-needed product. The catalyst for this venture is the friendship and partnership I have with Loryn."
maskSAFE is a stylish accessory that helps protect everyone

7 Mask Accessories We Love

What's next for PPE in a world where mask-wearing is increasingly normalized? Go to the next level with these seven outstanding mask accessories.
4 Common Causes of Cross-Contamination

4 Common Causes of Cross-Contamination

With the arrival of the novel coronavirus came all sorts of novel concerns, and more than ever we are worried about containing the spread of germs and other pathogens. Let’s take a look at the four guiltiest suspects when it comes to cross-contamination.
Moms Care About Mask Safety for Their Kids

Mask Ideas for Moms

Parents face special challenges when it comes to introducing masks, encouraging mask safety among the members of their household, and just finding ways to make the new normal fun for kids. That’s why we’ve put together four mask ideas for moms, each one a worthwhile activity to do with children who are learning about or further embracing this necessary safety tool.

maskSAFE Interviews Melissa Bilash of The Grayson School

maskSAFE Interviews Melissa Bilash of The Grayson School

We’re committed to improving mask safety for every member of your family, so it was incredibly enlightening to talk about maskSAFE with an expert like Melissa Bilash, who has received Congressional recognition for her work in the education field.
Do Face Masks Expire?

Do Face Masks Expire?

Early in the pandemic it was big news that the federal government had a stockpile of N95 masks, a type that was in high demand for our heroic frontline workers, unfortunately, some of it was expired. While the government and the news cycle have moved on, many of us might still be wondering: do face masks expire? What is the overall impact on mask safety?

maskSAFE mask cases in multiple sizes to protect your face mask

How a maskSAFE Mask Case Works

So you have a mask to keep you safe, but what about mask safety? How do you keep the mask protected? How do you keep it clean? How do you lengthen its life, maybe saving a little money and throwing one less item in a landfill?

Face masks protect families

What Do Face Masks Do?

Face masks are recommended for the general public by both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. But if you’re like us, you might want a little more info – of course I’ll listen to the doctors’ recommendations, but what do face masks do?