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Fashion in the Time of COVID

COVID Can't Stop Fashion

In the midst of a pandemic, some things have naturally become less of a priority, and one industry that has received a huge drop-off in attention is the world of fashion. By some estimates, global fashion companies will have experienced a 90% reduction in profits, compared to 2019.

But we believe fashion still deserves at least a little attention, and when we were creating maskSAFE, it was incredibly important that our face mask case be fashion-forward. If it’s beautiful, people are more likely to use it! So, let’s a take a look at five trends in fashion from the time of COVID.


Living through the coronavirus pandemic is undeniably strange, in its own right. And one fashion trend decided to lean into that strangeness by transforming lingerie into outerwear. It might shock your mother to see women wearing bras and mens’ boxer shorts under bulky blazers, and calling that an outfit. Well… Mom should probably stay off Instagram before she’s inundated with this trend. Showing your underwear is one way to make a statement, but many trending fashionistas were making different statements.

Making a Statement

2020 saw nationwide protests and an election that drew more voters than any other in U.S. history. There was no shortage of social causes with which people could align, and those stances often made their way into fashion. There were, of course, many t-shirts emblazoned with logos for causes, but there were also women’s voting advocates wearing pink suits, and large design houses putting out merchandise that encouraged Americans to stay civically engaged. 


One big shift we saw in the fashion world was determined entirely by function: the mask. We have a whole blog on why you need to wear a mask – in short, it is the most-recommended tool for stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Some designers flexed their muscles by using masks as vehicles for innovative materials, bold colors, and stunning designs.

COVID Fashion

While other fashion-minded folks used accessories to elevate their face coverings. Mask chains and mask jewelry are product categories that few Americans could have predicted just one year ago.


The worldwide need for PPE (personal protective equipment) stoked a new environmental crisis as over 130 billion masks make their way into our oceans and landfills every month of the pandemic.

Coronavirus masks impact the environment

With this in mind, many fashion-conscious consumers have increased their focus on sustainability. One report from the spring of 2020 showed that online searches for “vegan leather” had risen 69% year-over-year.

Sustainability is a core value at maskSAFE, and our products are designed specifically to extend the life of your PPE. You can get maskSAFE in a variety of colors, and two sizes, so everyone in your family will have a face mask case that fits their needs.

And as we talking about getting that “just right” fit…

Getting Comfortable

A lot of people have embraced the power of comfort over the last year. In a shocking move, even the famed fashion icon Anna Wintour was photographed in sweatpants! While some people see sweatpants as the antithesis of fashion, many view this is a logical result of a trend that has been going for a long time. In business, there was a gradual move from suit pants to khakis, and from jackets to sweaters to hoodies. The world has become less and less formal over a long period of time.

Some fashionistas who are into making predictions believe that once social functions are back in full force that we’ll see a thirst for high fashion, and they point to the fashions of the late 40’s and early 50’s that followed the more utilitarian period of World War II.

No matter what the future holds, masks may well be a useful tool. And you should never leave your house without a maskSAFE. It keeps your face mask protected from cross-contamination. By protecting your mask, you’re also protecting yourself, your community, and your environment – and all of those things are always in style!

- the maskSAFE Family

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