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Mask Ideas for Moms

Moms Care About Mask Safety for Their Kids

The maskSAFE Family has compassion and the desire to make a real difference in the health and safety of our community. It comes naturally, because we aren’t just business owners, we’re also moms!

Parents face special challenges when it comes to introducing masks, encouraging mask safety among the members of their household, and just finding ways to make the new normal fun for kids. That’s why we’ve put together four mask ideas for moms, each one a worthwhile activity to do with children who are learning about or further embracing this necessary safety tool.

#1 – Look at Yourself

States, cities, and school districts are constantly having to shift their individual regulations and protocols in response to the changing circumstances of the pandemic. If your children are about to take their first leap into a learning environment where masks are required, then your young ones might need a little encouragement. Wearing a mask all day can seem intimidating.

In order to find the joy in normalizing face masks, Nashville art teacher Cassie Stephens developed incredibly cute foldable self-portraits that show what a person looks like both with and without a mask on.

This incredibly creative art project is a great activity for moms easing their young ones into the world of mask wearing. Follow the link for a tutorial on how to make your own self-portraits with paper, markers, and crayons.

#2 – Sock It to Me

There are three inevitable things in life: death, taxes, and socks getting lost in the laundry. We all have those lone wolf lefties and righties hanging out in our dresser, and often they were our favorites!

Well, the editors at Elle have come up with an absolutely ingenious no-sew mask design using the same socks you could find in any old drawer. This is an easy way to add some flair and individuality to your face mask game. The finished product might be a little more delicate than commercially-sold masks, so you’ll definitely want to protect them with a maskSAFE.

Creating these fun and funky no-sew masks is a great activity to share with your kids – just please, please, PLEASE make sure they’ve been washed first. Our mask cases can help prevent cross-contamination, but they haven’t been proven to fight the scourge of smelly feet!

#3 – Make Masks Not War

Another option for making masks more fun and personal is to tap into your inner-hippie and tie-dye blank face masks with your kids. There are plenty of tie-dye kits available online, including organic dye options that can be gentler on sensitive faces.

Not ready to go full-Woodstock? You can also decorate masks with fabric markers, or even with stickers for a less permanent solution. If you’re decorating with fabric markers, and have a child who is resistant to wearing a mask, think about writing uplifting messages on the outside of the covering – because sometimes the energy you put out into the world can come right back to you.

#4 – Sharing is Caring

Speaking of putting out positive energy, our last mask idea for moms and their kids is to turn an eye towards charity. A horde of research has shown the positive psychological effects of charitable giving, and there is still a huge need for masks in certain populations.

For example, an Illinois organization called Masks for Moms collects homemade masks to help protect expectant mothers during labor. Moms who are looking to create a meaningful experience with their children can find the intersection of craftiness and making a contribution by looking for local organizations that are accepting mask donations.

Navigating parenthood is tricky even without a pandemic. But with some creative planning, moms can find activities that make mask safety fun. The health of both our families and the community is of the utmost importance, and that’s why we need to protect our masks, along with protecting each other. Browse our collection now to find the perfect mask case for your latest handy home craft project!

-the maskSAFE Family

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