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7 Essential Tips for Mask Safety

face mask safety is fun

face mask safety can be fun

Confirmed coronavirus cases are rising in many parts of the world, so it’s a perfect time to review these seven crucial tips for mask safety. Wearing a mask in public and keeping that mask in great condition by protecting it with a maskSAFE – these are two great ways to show you care!

Layer Up

Cases are climbing just as temperatures are dropping, and you should follow the same advice for both getting dressed and wearing a mask: layer up! The most effective cloth masks have several layers, providing a variety of barriers between infectious particles and your nose and mouth.

Keep to Yourself

Some families use homemade masks, and for others the choice is a professional model. But if you buy a commercial mask, the CDC discourages you from wearing a mask with an exhalation valve. This style of face covering can make breathing easier for the person who wears it, but it poses a safety risk for others. Each exhalation contains particles that can potentially infect those around you, even if you’re not showing any symptoms of illness. Today, we’re not leaving the house without a Nano Air Mask. It gets high marks for both comfort and protection!

You Can Take It With You

Picking the perfect mask is a great first step to mask safety. But it doesn’t do any good if you don’t take the mask with you. And rearview mirrors, pockets, and purses aren’t designed to protect and prolong the life of your face covering. A face mask case, like this maskSAFE AVERY, can be a great reminder to never leave the house without mask protection. In no time, it’ll become part of your closing the door routine: keys, phone, wallet, maskSAFE.

maskSAFE is portable and clean

 Lend a Hand

We may be the first ones to tell you this, but you’re supposed to be washing your hands… a lot! Among those frequent hand washes, you need to scrub up before and after you put your mask on. And even if you’re in a hurry, you should be scrubbing for at least twenty seconds each time, or long enough to hum “Happy birthday…” twice. 

You Wear It Well

Now that your mask is on, you have to wear it correctly, otherwise you’re not protecting yourself or your community. Don’t wear it hanging off your ear – more attractive jewelry is easy to find! And don’t wear a mask under your chin – use a scarf instead! A properly worn mask fits snugly around your mouth and nose, and doesn’t have any large gaps for particles to travel in or out. If your mask doesn’t come with a nose wire, consider adding on a bridge accessory to tighten up those openings.  

My Favorite Band

Now that you’re wearing your mask – thank you! – you’re inevitably going to need to take it off at some point. When you do that, make sure that you only touch the mask by its elastic bands or ties. By avoiding the mask surface, you avoid additional opportunities for cross-contamination.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our final mask safety tip is to make sure your mask is in tip-top shape. If you’re wondering, “Do face masks expire?” We have an article about that. Just like any other piece of equipment, a mask needs to be maintained. It should be washed regularly, and old masks that have degraded need to be retired.

By utilizing these seven tips, you and your family can know you’re doing everything in your power to show you care for your community’s health and safety. Stay tuned for more useful tips on how to stay safe, and in the meantime, you can get maskSAFE with any of these beautiful face mask cases. Until next time!

- the maskSAFE Family

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