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Make Your Mask More Comfortable

mask comfort is one issue with mask safety

How can I make my mask comfortable

The pandemic has forced us to adapt and adopt new habits, and sometimes that’s uncomfortable. At the top of the list of things that can be uncomfortable is the face mask. Doctors and nurses have known for a long time about how annoying this can be, and now we know too! But face masks, worn and maintained properly, are one of our most important tools for stopping the spread of the coronavirus, so our only option is to look for ways to make these essential accessories more comfortable.

A Serious Situation

If you’re wearing a mask for an extended period of time, or wearing a mask with a poor fit, then discomfort can escalate to actual injury. Irritation, bruising, rawness, and acne can result from a mask’s combination of friction and moisture on your face.

One step in avoiding these problems is to wash your mask regularly, and to moisturize your skin before placing the mask on. Wearing a clean mask protects your face from contacting excess bacteria, and the moisturizer provides an extra barrier between you and the mask material.

If you have sensitive skin or are experiencing mask discomfort, there are other steps you can take.

Lend Us Your Ears

One of the most common complaints about mask discomfort is sore or irritated ears. When loops pull on your ears for hours on end, every day, this discomfort can become painful. One option is to use a tie-back face mask. Tie-back masks, like the one seen below, don’t use ear loops at all! 

comfortable tie mask for coronavirus

(Photo Credit: SnazzyFaceMasks

Extended Warranty

We guarantee that a face mask extender can also give your ears relief from discomfort. These handy little straps, which rest on your head or neck, provide an alternate location for your ear loops to be secured. We featured mask extenders in our blog about the mask accessories we love.


comfortable face mask extender for mask safety

(Photo Credit:

Of course, our most favorite mask accessory is the most stylish and sustainable choice for keeping your face mask clean and extending its life. If you’re ready to get maskSAFE, then now is the time to pick out the perfect face mask case for every member of your family.

Button It Up 

There’s another option to move loop pressure off your ears, and one you can either purchase or create for yourself. Take any headband, stocking cap, or baseball cap, and attach two buttons just above your ears. The loops of your mask can then rest comfortable on the buttons, instead of your body.

comfortable headband mask with buttons for COVID-19
(Photo Credit: Etsy)

When using either a face mask extender, a headband, or cap, you need to pay special attention to how the mask fits to your face. Since loops are designed to be on your ears, adjusting the placement up or down can lead to bunching or gaps between the mask and your skin. Those gaps are places where contaminated particles can sneak in, reducing the efficacy of your face covering.

Paying attention to the details is key. Wearing masks that fit well, washing our hands for a sufficient period of time, and storing our PPE properly in a face mask holder to prevent cross-contamination – all of these steps taken together can help protect ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities!

- the maskSAFE Family

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