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What Do Face Masks Do?

Face masks protect families

Face masks protect families

When the coronavirus first hit the U.S., mask use was discouraged, but that’s changed for a couple reasons. First, there wasn’t enough data to prove they were effective. COVID-19 is caused by the “novel coronavirus.” “Novel” means new, and new things take time to be studied.

At the beginning of the pandemic there were so many unknowns: could you spread the coronavirus before you get symptoms?; could it be spread by someone who never has symptoms?; and should we be saving masks for our amazing front-line workers? Those are all great questions, and they’ve all now been answered by the health experts.

Face masks are recommended for the general public by both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.

But if you’re like us, you might want a little more info – of course I’ll listen to the doctors’ recommendations, but what do face masks do?

Waiting to Exhale 

Every time air comes out of our mouths or noses – that silly thing we do call breathing – invisible droplets are blasted into the air. Most of those droplets are completely innocent, but they can also carry virus particles from one person to another. Wearing a mask when you can’t maintain a distance of six feet is the best way to protect yourself and others from the flying droplets. We all assume those droplets are around when someone coughs or sneezes – that’s why we tell our kids to cover up their mouths. But droplets are also propelled into the air by everyday activities like talking, laughing, and singing.

It’s a Living Thing

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you’re alive – CONGRATS! – and you’d probably like to stay that way. Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Toronto tracked the mortality rates in 198 countries and found that, “Societal norms and government policies supporting the wearing of masks by the public, as well as international travel controls, are independently associated with lower per-capita mortality from COVID-19.” Translation: fewer people die when mask-wearing is widely adopted. 

Leave the Tissues at Home

Obviously COVID-19 is at the front (and back and side) of everyone’s mind right now, but guess what we still don’t want? A cold or the flu! Researchers have determined that face masks don’t just provide a barrier against the coronavirus, they can also prevent the spread of the common cold and influenza. As parents to school-age children, we certainly know the value of getting exposed to fewer germs and colds.

Mask in Style

A mask’s first, second, and third purpose is to protect you and those around you from harmful viruses and bacteria. But if you’re like us, then everything you leave the house with – clothes, accessories, and even your mask – is an expression of your personal style.

With that being the case, it’s important that your mask stay clean, safe from cross-contamination, and neat. Hanging a mask off your wrist is no good. A mask on a hand can come into contact with all kinds of contaminated surfaces. And shoving it into a pocket or the bottom of a purse where it can get contaminated and also get wrinkled and crunchy and gross isn’t a great option either. That’s why you need a mask case from maskSAFE.

Chic, portable, sustainable, and so easy to sanitize, maskSAFE is a face mask holder for the person who is equally concerned about health and style. Check out our collection now, we’re sure there’s a maskSAFE for every member of your family!

-The maskSAFE Family

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